November 20, 2011

Part II in my gift economy series will be posted soon but in the meantime here is a little half-time entertainment. In this short video Charles Eisenstein, author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics, works that I am drawing on heavily in The Gift Economy posts talks about the Occupy Wall Street Movement and raises some very salient points related to gift economics.

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Occupy Wall Street movement for me (and the Indignados movement in Spain which, in turn, inspired OWS), is the spontaneous emergence of gift economies. Food, clothes, electronics, books, medical supplies etc., have flowed into the movement and circulated freely. Until the NYPD raided Zuccotti park and trashed everything, OWS was running the only library in the area. Within days after many hundreds of books had been carted away in dumpsters the OWS library had received donations of a few hundred more books and was operating again.

The real “threat” of OWS is people realizing they don’t need Wall Street and the global economic system it represents, they need each other.


6 Responses to “Intermission”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    Seems to be one of those moments… watched the video you posted soon after reading and watching this… Both powerful . Thanks for your gifts!

  2. Francesca Says:

    got in to your blog just last week thank to joc…..i just want to say HI YOU TWO!!!it’s such a gift to read about you!! shuold catch up at some point….hope this finds you well.lots of love

    • dion Says:

      yo Fran, great to hear from you. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. I sent an email to the address you supplied when submitting your comment so check your email when you get a chance.

  3. james a Says:

    excellent clip Dion, enjoying your blogging very much.

    • dion Says:

      Cheers James. I really enjoy writing the blog too. Especially when I know there is appreciation for it.
      Hope the whole family is shining on.

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