On the Road

January 3, 2013

Well look at that…The end of the world has come and gone (again) and we’re all still here! With the latest apocalypse/salvation distraction behind us we’re back to the reality of the slow catastrophe daily unfolding and the responsibility for doing something about it.

While the Japanese have just voted in a right-wing, pro-nuclear nationalist “strong leader” to end their woes (not that there was much of a choice – being a modern democracy an’ all) Asako and I have a different idea. In January we’re hitting the road (well, the tracks actually) to propagandize the people and hopefully inspire a little action.


During January 2013 we will be giving presenations in Hamamatsu, Nagoya and Tokyo about our life and work at Shikigami. Through photographs and stories we will discuss our approach to permaculture, deep ecology, forest gardening and gift economics.

Hamamatsu Wednesday January 9, 13:30. Payaka: 4-19-12 Kamoe, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu Permaculture Chubu, Hamamatsu

Nagoya Sunday January 13, 14:00. Tokurinji: Aioi-28-341 Tenpakucho Oaza Nonami, Tenpaku Ward, Nagoya Permaculture Chubu, Nagoya

Tokyo Friday January 18, 19:30. One Kitchen: 3-26 Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


1月9日(水) 13:30 Payaka(パヤカ) 静岡県浜松市中区鴨江4-19-12  詳細はパーマカルチャー中部

1月13日(日) 14:00 徳林寺(本堂裏のギャラリー・ハスタクティ1Fにて)  愛知県名古屋市天白区天白町大字野並相生28-341 詳細はパーマカルチャー中部

1月18日(金)19:30 One Kitchen  東京都新宿区 荒木町3−26 サウスウィング荒木町2F奥



4 Responses to “On the Road”

  1. Sounds wonderful Dion… I have two of your students arriving mid-Jan to WWOOF, Shinnosuke & Maiko. I have decided to sell my house and get something I can manage both physically and financially… I hope they won’t mind helping me get it ready for sale. Hugs to you both.

  2. Alex Says:

    We are working on our own project and it is gaining momentum, got the log burner and bath working and beginning the repairs.

    Look forward to seeing you, speaking to you or visiting one of your seminars soon

  3. Lisa Says:

    happy journeying and propogandizing…a good exercise I reckon. So is this a jungle rooster? semi wild?

    We’ve been having the quail boom here. Just when all the broom seed starts popping they pop out their little brood. yum!


    happy new world bro


    • dion Says:

      Hi Lisa,
      sorry for the very slow reply. That is Bully in the photo. He’s not exactly a jungle rooster but from old Japanese heritage stock. We have some other beautiful looking heritage chooks running about the place now. I will share photos at some point.

      Quail popping broom! Fantastic.

      Hope all is well in your mountains.

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